Meet deBuriart

Georgia, the artist behind the business

Hello, I'm Georgia. I am an independent artist who has been making, exhibiting and teaching for 4 years! 


Graduating from the Winchester School of Art with a First Class Honours degree, I now specialise in printmaking and bookbinding and exhibit all over the south of England. As of 2019 I even have a beautiful studio space in the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth. 

I also spend a large portion of my time teaching others how to let the inner artist out. No matter who you are you can benefit from art in all sorts of ways, and deBuriart workshops provides a safe and comfortable environment to explore that. From 2 to 82, there is an artist inside waiting to come out, and I'm ready to help you with that!


There are all sorts of bits and pieces to explore on this website to help with your journey, just head up to the pages bar and dive in!


5 out of 5 stars    

Absolutely beautiful! The effort and attention to detail that these have been made with these is insane. They smell gorgeous and I am in love!!! :)


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