A Fine Art graduate, as well as arts educator & product designer, de Buriatte has her own developed artistic practice. 

This often manifests as printmaking work and installation pieces, heavily focusing on performative and participatory ideals. 

Although she now focuses on her teaching, and is making less personal work, de Buriatte still has a practice and continues to make academic based research style pieces generally involving data gathering and text. 

The work previously focuses on the theme of 'not at the dinner table' topics, subjects everyone has an experience of or stories about, but is generally discouraged openly discussing. As of yet these have revolved around the way sexuality manifests itself (2016-2017), and how we experience religion (2017-2019). 

Her present work depicts Lepidoptera, similarly to the product range, supporting the re-education of natural knowledge. 

Click here to contact de Buriatte for more information about, or to inquire about purchasing her work. 

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July - August 2019

Kaleidoscope is a site specific, and ever evolving installation piece, that accompanies Lepidoptera. 
Taking the collective noun for butterflies Kaleidoscope sees a series of delicate hand cut lino pieces attached to columns in the centre of the Nutshell Gallery space. 
Closely located fans cause subtle movement in the wings of the pieces, and as they fall they remain on the ground, mimicking the short lifespan of the butterfly. 
Each week that the piece is exhibited, a new species is added to the Kaleidoscope, resulting in a continually changing installation.


July - August 2019

This series of works sees a variety of moths and butterflies transformed into delicate lino carvings. The pieces are individually printed, cut, and layered together to form the intricate insects as mock lepidoptera. 
Moving away from the religion series, de Buriatte begins to focus on the importance of nature and the knowledge we seem to be loosing in relation to it.

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Spectrum of Religiosity - demographic

June - July 2019

The demographic collected by de Buriatte during her work with the interviewees of Spectrum of Religiosity is shown alongside the book in an artistic interpretation, for the WiSET+ Women in Academia exhibition. 
These works celebrate academic contributions of women to the University of Southampton. Shown at the John Hansard Gallery, and Winchester gallery alongside other artists works; and zines made by the public in a workshop lead by de Buriatte.

Spectrum of Religiosity - participatory work

March 21st 2019

Revisiting the idea of Spectrum of Religiosity for the first time since graduating, this particular iteration of the work saw de Buriatte create a participatory space in St Mary's Church in Andover. 

This comes as part of CAS (Chapel Arts Studios) 10 year anniversary event; whereby associate artist's work was shown in a series of settings in Andover, celebrating all the years of the studio. 

For this particular piece de Buriatte invited audience members to interact with the book, and herself as an artist; before moving on to filling out a question card of their own. These will then be bound together also, in a regenerative document whereby a book creates a book.

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Recycled Silent Movie - with the Hat Fair Winchester

October 2018

Commissioned by the Winchester Hat Fair  de Buriatte made two film reel style gift boxes, and twelve silent movie text boards to be used in the Recycled Silent Movie project. 

This comes as part of the Celebrating Age project, and focuses on a two year program of arts activities for the elderly. 

The gift boxes made by de Buriatte, were filled by residents of Winchester and Corby to exchange local historical items and archival materials. Identical aside from the lining, mirroring the cities main crest colour, the boxes were themed around the decorative edging often used in silent movie clips. 

The twelve text cards were used by those in the film, to express their own quotes. The film, and more information can be found here

The Consumers Amalgam

6th - 8th September 2018

The Consumers Amalgam was a work de Buriatte performed twice, as part of the WSA Contemporary Curation MA degree show, with the theme of consumerism and its affect on one's identity. 
de Buriatte performed a live book binding, encouraging audience members to write stories on personal receipts; then binding her own and theirs together, to create a narrative document of consumerism. Audience members were encouraged to submit stories including memories linked to the experience of purchasing; why the item may have been purchased; how the purchasing of the items affected the person; or to simply watch the binding process.

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Spectrum of Religiosity - installation

June 2018

This installation is the piece de Buriatte presented in Making Work Here (degree show, Winchester School of Art 2018). 
A selection of work, made in the previous 6 months is shown as a multi-sensory site specific installation.
Creating a room, by installing a false wall and archway into the space; de Buriatte further subverts the white space gallery having painted the walls a clerical blue, and laying a chapel style dark wood floor. 
An artist's book by de Buriatte sits atop a lectern (find on more in Spectrum of Religiosity - book), and a soundscape plays. This scape includes ambient noise recorded inside and outside St Mary's church Warsash; choral music recorded in Winchester Cathedral; and quotes from interviews conduced by the artist.

Spectrum of Religiosity - book

May 2018

The book feature of Spectrum of Religiosity is a collection of 22 hand made books, with varying covers. 

The content of this artist's book is a series of over 30 interviews conducted, recorded, and transcribed by the artist, about religion. This included 10 set questions asked, with differing follow up questions. 

Interviewees include a vicar, bible college attendees, atheists, defectors, spiritualists, and more; with ages ranging from 18 to 74. 

Books can be purchased from de Buriatte here, with an accompanying essay as to the scientifically sound ethnographic data collection; and can also be found in the libraries of Liverpool John Moores University, and the Winchester School of Art. 

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St. Edmund Church - Winchester School of Art Printmaking Portfolio 2018

May 2018

This Lino cutting is the largest in de Buriatte's series of church window reduction carvings. An A3 piece recreating the front window of St. Edmunds Church in Southampton. 

The piece can be purchased framed or unframed by contacting de Buriatte here

Spectrum of Religiosity - performance

May 2018

Spoken word performance piece, using the proof version of the Spectrum Religiosity Book as reference.

Performed in St. Mary's Church Warsash with permission of the Vicar  

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God in the Interviews

February 2018

As part of the Print and Process exhibition at the Level 4 Gallery, in Hartley Library, de Buriatte developed a series of letterpress pieces. 
This included 4 frames of 3 letterpress A6 cards, using quotes from the interviews she conducted about religion. These quotes were varied, in terms of tone. 
Shown alongside various different styles of printmaking, the exhibition was put together to showcase tranditional and modern printmaking techniques.

The whole thing is just bollocks... - a compendium

December 2017

Taking a quote from her religion interviews The whole thing is just bollocks is a work from the church window lino cutting suite. 

Produced to be part of a compendium, spare copies and artist proofs can be purchased by emailing the artist here

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Side Table

November 2017

Side Table was the first work developed utilising the interviews de Buriatte conducted with regards to the topic of religion. 

Gallery visitors were invited to interact with the work, by sitting and listening, reading, and touching; their involvement increasing the memorability and connection with the works and those speaking. Transcripts of audio and pens were left for audience member annotation; bibles leant by interviewees with informational bookmarks; and headphone with quotes from interviewees were available in the comfortable space enticing viewers to explore the work. 

Agape Feast

October 2017

The Agape Feast was the first work by de Buriatte when she began working with the concept of dialogical religion. 

Focused on the idea of an agape feast (which the modern Eucharist is based on), the idea is to share food and discuss deep and meaningful topics. Those around the table are not judged by status or work, and prefer to talk about deeper factors. 

de Buriatte prepared food which was religiously connoted (such as unleavened bread, and 33 layered traditional baklava). Instead of name places, question cards were given, along with agape themed instructions about eating, asking, sharing, and sealing with a covenant of salt. 

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St Catherine's Hill and Winchester Cathedral - Hazeley Developments Commission

June 2017

As part of a commission awarded by Hazeley Developments, de Buriatte developed lino prints, celebrating some historical aspects of Winchester. These are reduction prints of St Catherine's Hill, and Winchester Cathedral (the first in the church windows suite). 

The pieces now reside in the listed development Parmenter House. The article written by the development company about the works can be found here

The Office

May 2017

The Office is the final piece of work de Buriatte made with regards to sexuality, the manifestation of this, and paraphilias.

Designed to resemble a 1960's office, as per the sexual revolution of the 60's due to the contreceptive pill; The Office is an explorative piece of books, text, and participation. 

Audience members were invited to sit down and converse with other audience members in the space; explore and fine the links between the books; read text work by de Buriatte, and answer a question left on the typewriter. 

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What is x About Your Body

December 2016

This piece saw a series of remade letterpress cards be written on by participants. 
A set of questions were featured on the sheets exploring ideas of body dysmorphia, and subjectivity/objectivity. These questions included 'what is your least favourite thing about your body and why?', and "what is your favourite thing about your body, and why?'. 
Participants wrote their answer and stuck the paper to the wall, alongside others answers, making a wall of body positivity and negativity.

Look at Yourself zine collection

November 2016

The Look at Yourself zine collection featured four separate works alluding to works de Buriatte made with regards to personal perceptions of ones own body. 

The pack includes an A4 collage photocopied text and photo zine; an A6 duel tone risogrpah illustration and text zine; a letterpress definition card; and a censor mirror sliver. 

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