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Book: Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin Craft: Painting & Drawing Age: 2 - 10 Star: *****

Our Book for Today

Welcome back to the Arty Party Book Club! Today we are looking at the brilliant book Monsters Love Colors written and illustrated by Mike Austin, and published by Harper Collins. This book focuses on teaching all about colour theory in a simply and fun way, and is a great introduction to colour mixing too!

This book has lots of call and response, repetition, and best of all opportunities to dance! It is certainly one for silly voices, and acting out what you are saying with your littlies. Lines like "Monsters love to scribble, scribble, mix, dance, and wiggle" are especially fun for larger groups! The words are big, often are repeated chants, and are printed in matching colours so it is a fabulous speedy learning tool.

We begin with our primary coloured monsters - Red, Yellow, and Blue! With lots of rhyming words to shout along with like ROAR, SNORE, AND MORE! Our primary coloured monsters then help out some grey looking friends, asking what colours they would like to be and mixing it up for them.

Red monster + yellow monster = an orange monster

Yellow monster + blue monster = a green monster

and finally

Blue monster + red monster = a purple monster

Our last little monster can't decide, so he chooses to be a lovely rainbow monster! So not only do we learn about primaries, mixing, and secondaries, but rainbow order too. Now we've learned all about that shall we get onto our make? First of all, what will we need:

1. Paper | white will work best, as our colours will show up nice and bright

2. Paint sticks | Little Brain Paint Sticks are my favourite, but if you don't have these you can always use paint and brushes, or crayons

3. Pencil

4. Scissors

5. Black marker pen

6. Googly eyes | this can be substituted for drawing some eyes on a piece of white paper!

7. Glue | pva or a glue stick will work just fine

8. Hole punch | or scissors and some adult help to cut a slot

9. Pipe cleaners x 2


Arty Party Book Club Make

1. First of all we need to make our scribbles to cover up our monsters body! Take a look at the colour scribbles in our book for some inspiration. There are a couple of ways we can do this to make it look good too. Colour combinations can include:

All primary: red, yellow, blue

All secondary: orange, green, purple

Mixing sets: red, yellow, and orange | yellow, blue, and green | blue, red, and purple

Rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (dark blue), violet (purple)

Warm colours: red, orange, yellow

Cool colours: blue, green, purple

Or of course you can choose whatever colours you would like your monster to be! The paint sticks tend not to mix together, so you shouldn't end up with a horrible brown mess (like a lot of projects can result in, if giving littlies free rein!), just be careful with liquid paints.

2. Once your paper is filled with big squiggles, and has had a few minutes to dry we can make our monster! Flip your paper over and draw your monster on the back in pencil. You can copy my monster above if you'd like some ideas, take a look at the book, or simply go crazy!

3. Now our monster is drawn we need to cut him out. Preschool groups might want a little help with this, but primary should do just fine.

4. We really do have a monster now! Flip them over so we are back on our bright and colourful side for the next step. Dab a little glue on the back of your googly eyes and stick them on your monster! Be as creative as you can. How would he look with 1, 2, 3 eyes, or maybe even more?

5. How about some facial features now? Draw a smiley half moon shape and colour it in nice and black to give your monster a big old smile. You can even pop on some eyebrows here. Do they look excited, worried, happy? You decide!

6. We are nearly there now. Just need to

add some crazy pipe cleaner arms! Use your hole punch to make a hole on each side of your monsters body, about half way up. Maybe some other places too if you want your monster to have lots of arms. How good would that be? Think go all the art supplies you could hold!

7. Finally we need to weave our arms on. Pop a little bit of your pipe cleaner through your hole and fold it back round, before giving it a good twist to keep it in place. Now you can make your hand by folding the end of your pipe cleaner, try one of the ways in the photo. Do the same for each of your holes and how you have your messy monster!


• you can make your monster as big or as little as you like. All it takes is the paper you have!

• what about using the left over scraps up? You can use the bits you have cut out to make some art supplies. The space between the legs makes for a great crayon for your monster to be holding.

Now you know how it is time to make yourself a messy monster! You can pick up Monsters Love Colors here. If you make one be sure to show me, I'd love to see your creations over on Instagram, just tag @deburiart! Until then.

Come back for some more making!

Georgia de B.

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