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One thing I love as an object (and this may well be because of my affinity for lino carving) is rubber stamps! They are so simple to use, and who doesn't enjoy a good old stamping project? These in particular from Princeton Architectural Press are especially wonderful. Not only are they beautifully displayed and high quality, but they work fabulously too! They also allow for a little imagination and agency when making which is perfect for little growing minds. So let's get into our review!

First of all I have 3 sets of these beauties so far:

Stamp Bugs | a selection of different insect parts which can be layered to create beetles, bees and dragonflies. Designed by Barbara Dziadosz, a German graphic designer with beautifully fun styles. She also has a lovely robot set!

Stampville | different architectural elements which come together to make all sorts of house and village structures! Designed by Aure´lien De´bat, take a look at his project with the stamps here. Although be warned it has a rather unfortunate name!

Stamp Garden | a variety of different leaves, and petal styles with a little bee, which can be layered to create Willam Morris-esque patterns or a lone garden. Designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, who illustrates and writes fabulous children books too by the way.

All of them come in very similar boxes and allow for so much variation! It removes the problem of traditional stamps whereby you only have the image you have, these provide you with the building blocks to develop anything you like. They're like the stamp equivalent of lego! I mean just take a look at this village example by the Stampville Designer. They're Fab!

So, what's in the box (terrible movie reference aside)? With each set you get 25 stamps, 2 ink pad colours, and a lovely little concertina book with some ideas. The boxes retail for £19.99, but can also be found on Amazon for anywhere between £14.00 and £20.00, so although they aren't the cheapest you are certainly getting value for money. Even the RRP equates to around £0.74 per item, which is certainly no more than you would pay for a normal wooden block rubber stamp! I also personally think you will get for more use out of these than the standard, I know I will anyway!

They're also great for all ages, not only do my primary kids love them, but my secondary too! And secretly, they're one of my favourite supplies since I've had them. I know I keep going on... but you can do so much with them! Even as an early finisher task they're a good backup.

Though I do have a couple of negative points, hence why they didn't get 10 out of 10 in quality. Firstly, when I opened the box a couple of the rubber stamps hadn't adhered to the wooden blocks properly. Although this is a little annoying as they had never been used before, it is easily rectified with a dab of glue. It did happen in both Stamp Garden and Stamp bugs too, so not just a dodgy box!

Secondly, because all the stamps are a different shape they only fit in the box a certain way... This tessellation is fine, aside from the fact that once you have removed them once there is nothing to show you how to put them back in! Once again, not too much of a problem when you think about it, but it is a bit of a nightmare!

I highly recommend before handing them over to little hands to use it would be wise to stamp the little tray they come in with a guide, so you know where each stamp needs to be returned to! It then works like a little jigsaw puzzle. It really is a shame there isn't something like this already in the box, as it wouldn't be too difficult to provide a printed piece of paper on the tray... Take a look above for how I stamped mine though! But if they are the only issues then they are still certainly worth it!

Overall however these little stamps are fabulous, and I can't wait to finish off my collection! I have a Sea Stamps set to add, and I am super excited for them to bring out more! Take a look below for a quick example I made with my sets, and show me on instagram @deburiart what you make too!

Until then, come back for more making!

Georgia de B.

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