Imbolc Botanical Bauble | Moth to a Flame

Imbolc Botanical Bauble | Moth to a Flame

Moth to a Flame by deBuriart is a luxurious home fragrance melt range designed to fill your home with natural vegan scents. 


In this beautiful reusable bauble you will receive a blend of dried flower buds, to represent the burgeoning days of Spring we can all look forward to after Imbolc. A blend of healther, lavender, rose, and jasmin buds are contained inside a beautifully bee patterned bee bauble to represent pollination and new life, which can be reused for all sorts! 


Open the bauble and set your intentions for the springtime, sprinking the petals all over the soil, or add them to a warm candle (or wax melt!) lit bath for a little extra luxury and scent on a moonlit night. You can even keep them in the bauble as an everlasting reminder of the springtime! 


The gold bee decorated bauble is resuable in many ways too! 


Photos: @whispersofawitch and @deburiart 


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