Mushroom Cup Vegan Wax Melts | Moth to a Flame

Mushroom Cup Vegan Wax Melts | Moth to a Flame

Moth to a Flame by deBuriart are luxury vegan wax melts, inspired by nature! Adding a sense of relaxation and calm to you, and kind to nature. 

Upon melting a delicious fresh spring scent will be released into your room! These scent has top notes of honeysuckle and elderflower. The melt pool will melt together in to a beautiful dark red, with a surprise metallic red swirl! 
This is also our largest single melt yet! 

Cups inspired by the iconic Fly Agaric mushroom, this melt features a white bottom layer, red centre section, and hand applied white dots on the top.

Whether these melts are intended as a gift, or for a bit of self care, they make for the perfect environment for relaxation or romance.

In this pack you will receive 1 mushroom cup. It is recommended you cut this melt up and use it in either 2-4 sections. 
These melts will have 8 - 10 hours of scent throw per quarter, but can be burned together for a stronger throw.

Vegan. Recyclable plastic. Plastic free mica.

Wax melts are a beautiful high scent throw alternative to candles, which have no wicks and are burned in an electric or flame based wax melter. However you should always keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not eat!

Wax melts are packaged with padding, and a fragile sticker. Unfortunately I am unable to guarantee that there will not be damage during transit (especially I the highly shaped melts) and take no responsibility for this.

Due to the handmade nature of these products, final look may vary slightly from above image. 

CLP & safety/burning instructions supplied. Insured.
Photos: @whispersofawitch

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