Oval Wax Melt Burner Starter Set

Oval Wax Melt Burner Starter Set

Wax melters are the perfect alternative to candles, and this burner is exactly what you need to get started with your home fragrance dream! 


This kit is of course nature themed, with a oval style burner, and nature inspired melt samples. It will suit any nature inspired home! 


This kit includes:


1 wax melter 

1 set of wax melts

1 tea light 


I use the maximum fragrance load, meaning each melt will last approximately 8 hours! 



The scents will be chosen from our popular fragrance line. Though do feel free to take a look at these on the wax melt listings if you would like something specific. 



Wax melts are a beautiful high scent throw alternative to candles, which have no wicks and are burned in a electric or flame based wax melter. However you should always keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not eat!


The wax melt samples, my be of different shapes and sizes.