Pomegranate Moth Luxury Snap Bar | Moth to a Flame

Pomegranate Moth Luxury Snap Bar | Moth to a Flame

Moth to a Flame by deBuriart is a luxurious candle & wax melt range designed to fill your home with natural vegan scents. 


These exclusive Christmas wax melt snap bars are limited edition, and make the perfect stocking stuffer or build you own advent calendar gift. Watch as the silver mica powder, and black and white wax swirl together making gorgeous patterns and beautiful scents. 


This heady pomegranate scented bar feature 5 segments, each lasting 8-12 hours, and an additional mini moth embed. They can also be used together for a stronger throw! 



Pomegranate: Fruit fragranced with pomegranate top notes, with raspberry, plum, and sweet musk for complexity. 



CLP compliant. 

Wax melts are a beautiful high scent throw alternative to candles, which have no wicks and are burned in a electric or flame based wax melter. However you should always keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not eat!


Wax melts are packages with padding, and a fragile sticker. Unfortunately I am unable to guarantee that there will not be damage during transit (especially I the highly shaped melts) and take no responsibility for this.


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